The best WordPress plugins for 2015

Here is a list of the 5 best WordPress plugins for 2015 that are essential for your WordPress website.

By installing the plugins from this list, you will get:

  • improved page speed and user experience
  • higher search engine rankings
  • a more secure website
  • custom fields and forms

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Drupal 8 hello world module

A simple tutorial for creating a Hello World module on Drupal 8.
Our goal here is to have two pages (/hello and /hello/{name}): one will show the “Hello World!” message and the other one will show a “Hello visitor name” message using the {name} parameter from the url.

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What CMS to use for your website, WordPress or Drupal ?

There are so many advantages in having a presence online.
Maybe you need to showcase your work, increase the effectiveness of your advertising, or allow your customers to reach your business more easy, so you decided it is the time to build your new website.

All of our client’s web projects were created using WordPress or Drupal.
Both platforms are excellent and can handle all kind of websites, but one or the other may be more suited for your needs.

We’ll help you in this article to make a decision on choosing the best content management system  for your website.

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